HDT's Corporate Executive Team

Sakshi Sakhlecha,
Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO of HDT, Sakshi drives the overall strategy, vision, and expansion of the company, ensuring that Hyper DesTech is a dedicated partner in helping its customers transform their sales. Sakshi is also one of the world’s 6500 Certified Usability Analysts (CUATM) since 2001 and brings years of experience in the creative design and digital technology space, building teams and overseeing many projects.

Prior to founding HDT, Sakshi worked at London as a consultant transforming the sales and strategies of companies with the principle of growth through design. In India, she played lead in conceptualizing the design language and products of DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) transforming the way they present themselves at exhibitions and the entire world.

In her free time, Sakshi can usually be found binge watching cartoons or painting, that is if her travel schedule permits her to do so!

Sakshi Sakhlecha

Vignesh Prem,
Founder & COO

As Chief Operations Officer for HDT, Vignesh leads the execution and operations within the organization. He works closely with the HDT product and services teams to ensure that the SOPs are evolving to meet customer and market needs.

Vignesh brings expertise in an array of fields, right from Content, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Execution, Networking and even Relationship Management. Prior to HDT, Vignesh was the IT Lead at a leading consulting company in Qatar where his contributions included the standardization, setting and implementing SOP’s with his own and companies that consulted with him in the fields of IT & Digital Marketing.

During the course of his career, Vignesh has also been involved in the execution of more than 50 critically acclaimed, marketing campaigns.

Vignesh has travelled to over 30 countries and over 23 states within India. This worldly knowledge makes him a close subject to most marketing campaigns the company runs. His specialty being, producing maximum output with minimal brief.

Vignesh Prem