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Baseline Study
Prior to running a full-fledged campaign, test run the strategies with a small timeline, to identify scope for improvisation.
Fix Strategy
Results from the baseline study should help identify loopholes in the strategy that need fixing.
Set Editorial Calendar
Thorough plans are laid out for the execution of your entire marketing campaign.
Study Marketing ROI
This is the point of the campaign where you set your expectations on the potential returns.
Workflow Automation
The customer journey and sales funnel of the campaign is studied to configure automated touchpoints.
Determine Targets
Set realistic targets with timelines for the performance of the campaign.
CPA Optimization
: Optimize your lead acquisition cost by understand what about your marketing works and what doesn’t.
Performance Assessment
Monitor reaping your ROI, and identify marketing efforts to be optimized.
Budget Creation
Plan and structure budgets for marketing activities that generate the maximum ROI.

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